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A hardworking and enthusiastic Geomatic Engineer with 7years of solid experience in Mining, Construction and Engineering Surveys. Selfless by nature, very reliable, confident, respectful, trustworthy and a team player, always striving to achieve the best. I Plan, Execute, and Follow-up quality surveying work that is performed safely, on time and within budget. Currently working as a road construction Surveyor, *Have vast exposure with software(AutoCAD, Model Maker and Microsoft Office package) and Survey equipments(Total stations, GPS and Level) Specialties: -Examining and attending to the measurement of any work that is about to be covered up and/or completed -Detailed topographic survey -Establishment of all reference beacons -Haul Road Engineering, Design & Build -Pickup of data for all design purposes -Review/ check design drawings -Survey data collection and management -Establishing and coordinating of Controls to professional standards and accuracies -Writing of Survey Standards and Procedures



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