Invitation to Tender

External Audit Services

Tenders must be received at the following address no later than 5pm Tuesday 21st May 2019: Send a Cow Zambia, Plot 25991 Parliament Village , Olympia , Lusaka.
Please mark the envelope ‘tender for external audit services’
Please provide 3 copies of the tender in printed form.


Section A Background and structure of Send a Cow Zambia
Section B Statement and scope of requirements
Section C Documents to be submitted
Section D Additional requests for information

Section A


Send a Cow Zambia wishes to engage a service provider to undertake external audit services for the charity. Our year end is 30 June.
Send a Cow Zambia is a development charity, registered as a charitable company, limited by guarantee. We are also registered as a NGO, registered with the Ministry of Community Development. We currently operate across Eastern and Lusaka Provinces of Zambia, helping struggling smallholder farmers and their families to grow their own food and lift themselves out of poverty permanently. Working with families for up to five years, we provide training in sustainable farming, business skills and gender and social development, as well as providing seeds and livestock.

Our vision: A confident and thriving Rural Africa

Our mission: To give communities and families the hope and the means to secure their own futures from the lands.


Send a Cow Zambia is a subsidiary of ‘Send a Cow’, who are based in the UK. Send a Cow has a head office based in Bath, where send a Cow UK (our fundraising team) is based, as well as Send a Cow Group (who provide technical support across the Country Programmes).

Send a Cow Zambia has a locally based finance team in Lusaka and a field office in Petauke and report to the Country Manager. We are currently establishing our Board of Trustees for Send a Cow Zambia.

The accounting system is on online system called PS Financials.

Regular financial and programme monitoring reports are sent from the Send a Cow Zambia team to be reviewed by Send a Cow Group, and the Send a Cow Group Senior Leadership Team. Overall review of the charity’s activities is governed by the Group Board of Trustees, based in the UK.

Annually, Send a Cow Zambia prepares financial statements that are required to be audited by local auditors. The results of Send a Cow Zambia are also included in the consolidated group accounts that are prepared by the finance team in Bath.

Additional information on our activities in Africa, our impact, and the consolidated group accounts can be obtained from our website


Send a Cow Zambia currently has in-country funding from the EU (received through our partner, Village Water), SIDA (received through Action Aid Zambia) and in-country Trusts. Funding is also raised by Send a Cow UK, from Trusts, Corporate Partners, and Individuals support. These funds are transferred to Send a Cow Zambia on a monthly basis, based on the cash flow requirements and in line with the agreed budget.

Section B

Statement of Requirements

The contract will cover the external audit service for three financial years starting 2018/19 to 2020/2021. Extension of the contract will be considered based on satisfactory performance.

Scope of Services Required

The services to be provided are;

  • The audit of Statutory accounts for Send a Cow Zambia, for a 30 June year end, to ensure compliance with Company and NGO filing requirements
  • Review of compliance for employment laws, legal requirements and our constitution, tax laws, and our finance manual
  • The provision of a comprehensive management letter
  • Completion of an audit questionnaire to our group auditors of Send a Cow (Hays Macintyre)

Other Information

Our year end is 30 June and must be signed off by the end of September each year. We require draft audited accounts and draft management letters by the end of August each year. This timetable is important to allow us to comply with NGO reporting requirements, and to ensure the final accounts for Send a Cow Zambia are included in the consolidated Send a Cow Group accounts.

We would expect all audit firms to be able to work within this year end timetable.
We would expect a no-surprise audit with regular updates during the onsite fieldwork. We would expect regular communication throughout the year to keep us updated on changes to any relevant accounting and compliance laws or standards that are relevant to us.
Firms will be judged on the following criteria;

  • Experience and expertise in the NGO Sector and demonstrable technical expertise in accounting for charities;
  • Experience of charitable bodies with similar needs within the last three years and evidence of understanding the challenges and constraints within the NGO sector;
  • The quality and experience of the proposed external audit team;
  • The suitability of the audit approach;
  • The ability for the audit firm to ‘add value’ rather than providing a compliance audit
  • Cost of the audit

Short-listed audit firms will be invited to present and discuss their proposals on 24th May at the Lusaka office.

Send a Cow will not be liable to reimburse any costs incurred by the service provider during this tender process.

Section C

Documents to be submitted

To assist the Tender panel in the evaluation process, all proposals submitted must follow the following format. Failure to provide all or part of the information may result in your tender being excluded from the evaluation process.

Section 1

Background information on your firm, including size and location.

Section 2

Details of the previous experience you have in the audit of International NGO’s, and experience in keeping up to date with the challenges facing the Sector. Please provide details of your firm’s philosophy on communication with clients throughout the year.
Please provide your current list of NGO clients you act for.

Section 3

Details of the engagement team you have assigned to deliver these audit services. Please provide;

  • Name of employee, job title, accountancy qualification, other professional qualifications; date they joined your firm; number of years’ experience in the Not for Profit/ NGO Sector; current and previous work experience.
  • Please detail your firm’s plans to ensure continuity of staff on the audit.
  • Please provide a table showing the hourly rate and number of hours expected to be involved from each grade nominated in your team, for a typical annual audit of Send a Cow.

Please provide details of any areas of technical expertise within the firm that can be called on to support the audit team and to provide advice to the Board and management of Send a Cow Zambia as required.

Section 4

Please detail your audit methodology, including planning, fieldwork and reporting.
Please provide a suggested timetable and whom would be involved in each stage. Please include details of how much input you would require from Send a Cow staff, and when.
Please provide details on how you plan to transition from our prior auditors, and any work that your team and Send a Cow finance team will be expected to complete, and when.
Please provide an example of the standard report template.

Section 5

Please confirm the annual fee (inclusive of expenses, including VAT) for the 3 year contract.

Section 6

Quality is of upmost importance. Please confirm your firm’s arrangements to ensure a high quality audit is planned and carried out.

Please provide references that might be used by Send a Cow Zambia.

Section D

Anyone requiring additional information should contact;

Corrita Chitendwe/ White Mwale
Finance and Admin / Country Manager

How To Apply:

To apply for this job email your details to